Our Ideal Client

As a Web development agency, and business people ourselves, we of course would like to serve as many people and businesses as we can. However, we do have a profile — of sorts — of our ideal client.

Note: We will NOT turn you away, necessarily, if you don’t meet every single one. We care more about being the best fit to meet your needs than anything else!

Our ideal client has the following traits:

  • Small to medium business
  • Has employees, or annual net income of $200,000¬†or more
  • Based in Las Vegas, NV or Dallas/Fort Worth, TX metropolitan areas
  • Would benefit from our creative input and direction as a partner/advisor you can trust

We especially like working with some industries, such as:

  • Health and fitness
  • Photographers
  • Related marketing services — promotional products (someone who sells custom pens, USB drives, etc), social media marketing, etc.
  • Non-profits

This list is NOT, and should never be considered, an end-all, be all regarding who we will work with.